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    Pixi layer issue

    Hello, I'm new to using pixi and am creating a tile based game but am having a few issues with layers & zIndex I'm hoping someone can assist with! On top of each tile may have different sprites that are created from a spritesheet. Each layer can have different zIndexs. Each layer is added as a child to a container then that container is added to a collision map. I then have a different container that contains sprites to generate a avatar, that container is then also added to the collision map. I'm trying to have a layer from the spritesheet with a zIndex to appear on top of the avatar, but not all layers, just layers that contain a zIndex. In other words, lets say that item is a chair, the arm of the chair should appear on top of the avatar while the back of the chair is behind them. Here is a terrible paint example of what I'm trying to accomplish: I currently am able to walk behind the sprite and appear behind it, my issue starts when i want to be on top of the sprite but have a layer appear above the avatar. Thank you in advance!