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  1. https://naknick.com https://playchap.io
  2. Hi, I've prototyped very similar game What Da Pack It's pretty much follows the same game mechanic principals on the front-end but in my opinion it has more spice to it then just running after the ball with poker chips Again it's just a prototype for game jam. As for the back-end and server side I've build playchap.io, very sophisticated tech wise platform for multiplayer gaming with an option to bet ETH. Fairly customizable as it engineered with an option to extend and add new features tailored for multiplayer activities. Max
  3. Hi Itamar, I'm currently selling my fully functional multiplayer platform playchap.io I built from scratch as my startup (or teaming up with someone who could help me to push it further) It's a multiplayer platform with skill-based competitions where the winner takes everyone's ETH It's engineered with the following functionality and tech stack in place: - Multiplayer Back-End, players auth - Node.js & Nakama - Modern Front-End Framework based on JAMstack - Payment mechanism based on Node.js & Ethereum JavaScript API (deposit, bet & withdraw) - Players can bet
  4. Hi Bogdan, Still Interested? Below you may find a list of HTML5 arcade games, designed & developed under my small game design studio - Naknick.com. - Ketch Up- Saloon Panic- Raccoon's Escape- Humpty Rush- What Da Puck (still requires polishing) - Biz Sim (polishing required)
  5. JoyFreak, Is this still relevant? Could you provide more info regarding the gig? Cheers,
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