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  1. Hi, Im trying to test my game on mobile phone using android studio. When I run app(button in android studio), on the connected device it shows me error. I wanted to attach images with my android studio project and the error but I cant ... It is written that it cant load the page file:///android_asset/myHtml.html , because net:ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND . I have files from game in folder : C:\PudziBreakGame\app\src\main\assets. -> there are css , js , html Second thing is, where i have to drop phaser.min.js and my images from game? Please help
  2. Hi, how can i convert my phaser 2 game into signed apk file?
  3. Hi, How can i make two bodies running on each other/one running, second staying immovable? If one body stays, second should cant move it when colliding and vice versa