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  1. Yes, they have stopped paying and replying to messages again. Pathetic...
  2. Ok, everything is back to where it was, except its even wore than before. The gCPM has been almost zero in the last few days and my last payment is stated as sent for 3 months, but I haven't got anything in may PayPal account. Contacted them and no replies after a week or so. Fortunately, its only less than 100 EUR what they owe me as I have stopped publishing their games long time ago. The title of this thread should be changed back to " is a Scam"
  3. EDIT: Checked my account and they actually paid me the November earnings in January. So they are still paying actually. At least to some of us... I think they will pay the publishers as they are more dependent on them. If you are a developer, you are probably out of luck.
  4. Most of the stuff we have written here are just facts, no lies. 1) Traffic redirection and banning sites without a notice is stealing of traffic 2) Injecting additional ads and not paying for them is stealing of $ People these days are just so used to so many different kinds of stealing techniques that even governments and central banks are doing it as we speak and nobody cares about it, and yes, they have lots of friends too.
  5. @bestgames How is this even possible, seems like a bug to me. ...And yes, I have a bad experience with them as well. Very low earnings (70-80% drop) in last few months, and they are also banning websites without any warning and then redirecting all traffic to This company is definitely not 100% honest. They pay on time ATM, but it's just pennies compared to what other companies like Adsense pay. Funny thing is that they should pay out 33% of what Adsense pays them, but I earn about 20x more with Adsense banners only than with video ads from GD. I have stopped adding any new games from their website 2 months ago... Online games became garbage in 2019-2020, I am now starting to focus on different kind of online business, as this has no future.
  6. GameDistribution now keeps paying on time, however there is a huge CPM drop in last few weeks... from €5-6 down to €3. Anyone having the same problem?
  7. I have been receiving payments regularly now every month or so. I think you should always wait about 2-3 months, then you will get paid. Hope all is sorted now, fingers crossed.
  8. If they still owe you money, have you tried contacting them in the last few days? So far it seems everyone contributing in this thread is getting paid.
  9. To be honest, I don't trust them as well, eventhough I received my payment. But tell me, what other options the publishers have, when 80% of the most popular titles like Fireboy and Watergirl, Moto X3M etc. are GD exclusive? Back when flash games were the thing, there was a healthy competition and a lot of choice. Now everything is either exclusive, site locked and/or full of advertisement.
  10. Glad it started turning the right direction. For next time: It would really be good to be 100% open and let people know there will be a big payment delay to avoid situations like these.
  11. Can't believe it, but I have just received a payment of 474,86 EUR for March, April, May and June. Let's see if others will receive their payments as well, so we can finally get rid of this topic...
  12. Yes, we can't probably do anything to make them pay us our money. I also give up now... But at least this topic will be soon ranking on google page 1 and when people will be searching for, they will see what kind of company it really is. And if somebody promises you a payment for a service within a specified time limit and doesn't pay you at all, it's called a scam. Problem is, that for publishers, there are no other options to find good html5 games to publish, other than from GD. 80% good titles are GD exclusive and full of their ads (mostly with a video ad every game session or an ad every 30 seconds of gameplay etc., which is super annoying by the way and makes me wanna vomit) For developers, you can just upload your games elsewhere. Simple...
  13. Ok, that is all understandable. What is not understandable are your excuses or complete silence until there is a thread about your company being a scam. The payment problems should have been stated somewhere months ago, so this and other similar topics would have never been started. Now you have just lost our trust and have a bad reputation 😕
  14. By the way, here is a reply from about their payout terms, they are very open and not lying at all, this is how a support person should react: Hi Tomas, as stated in our T&C it can take up to 45 days. This is in case the invoice contains none-finalized revenue (we need to wait for Google to pay us the money first which takes some time) and/or the transaction needs to be handled by more financial institutions, depending on the recipients country of residence. But as you are living in the EU and haven't added any none- finalized revenue, it shouldn't take that long and the revenue should arrive within the following 14 days. Kind regards, Bastian And this is totally understandable, as they only make bank payments, which take longer.