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  1. I would like to present shortly GARP - a game resolution protocol for Ethereum based coins and ERC20 token. The idea goes like this: As a game developer You integrate the GARP protocol and then have access to onboarded crypto currencies. When someone plays Your game he needs to wage any of the onboarded crypto currencies. After the game is played You enter a ladder, which then is resolved every game periode. The top 5 people then get the pot of waged coins back, minus a share which goes to the game developer. So both the game developer and the gamers contribute and win. A lot of the res
  2. Hi, We have acquired a commercial game and wrapped our Atheios framework around it. Take a look at the result in our video. The game is now live at https://colorpath.atheios.org We have not yet published our framework, but if some game developers want to give it a try, we could do some joint alpha testing... In that case contact me either here or at the legacytrx@atheios.org Frank PS: If You are a JS, NodeJS coder and want to join our project don't be shy to approach us.
  3. A first video on the basic authentication and login. Just to explain a bit what we are going. Legacytrx
  4. We have started the development of a construct3 plugin for Atheios: https://www.construct.net/en/forum/construct-3/plugin-sdk-10/atheios-gaming-crypto-148671 LegacyTrx
  5. Well, this was not the most commented post. And maybe this is too abstract what this really means for You as a game developer. But we are going to change that. We are currently building a prototype in order to illustrate how to easily integrate Atheios and then also benefit from it for You and Your users. I stop here and come back when I have something to show. In the meantime, take a look at our discord, as we need some project to shape our future integration. Legacytrx@atheios.org
  6. Atheios - the blockchain geared for gaming You probably have heard about blockchain before. Bitcoin is one of its most well known cryptocoin and today considered a store of value with the current price of above 10k USD. All blockchains, when being distributed, are considered as an immutable ledger where information can be stored or contracts can be executed. This is where we think gaming as a use case is an interesting opportunity. Who are we? We are not a company, we are a community driven blockchain. This is good for You as we do not drive our own agenda or economical goals. Thi
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