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    abdel got a reaction from b10b in Switch Colors   
    My game is just reviewed on Facebook instant game here is the link:
    everyone here is invited to test it, and very welcomed to comment it.
    mainly it’s a Solo game with fiew social implementations like sharing, inviting.
    I’m currently looking up for 1V1  playing mode.
    thanks to @Noel @b10b your names are included in my credits page your help was very  helpful for me.
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    abdel got a reaction from Noel in Help me understand FBInstant.player.getDataAsync()   
    Hy and thank you I solved the issue with .bind();
    I saw it from http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/38042-leaderboard-no-open/?tab=comments#comment-217099
    And so for my case there is the code:
    FBInstant.player .getDataAsync(['coins']) .then(this.setPlayerData.bind(this)); and within my class:
    setPlayerData(data){ this.coinsVal.setText(data.coins.toString()); } and all works with magic.
    I posted it for anyone encounter the same problem.
    Thank You very much