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  1. Oh it wont be called Idle Quest, I posted that just in case anyone else remembers that game. It will be called Momento'Mori and take place in the Victorian era. It is actually more based on a table top rpg I wrote with the same name.The assets I made, story, equipment names, icons took inspiration from the french movie Brotherhood of the wolf, Bloodborne, The wizardy series, a indi game called witch hunter as well as dungeons & dragons. I want the website itself to be more then an idle game. I will make a forum and chat room for Roll playing the actual table top game I made while Idl
  2. Hey everyone, this will be a bit weird. So I am more of a creative director more then anything and I wouldn't even call me that. The most I have made is a Kaizo hack for SMW. I have been trying to learn some basics with Lua, ruby and python for years now and understand the idea and the dictionary but have never grasp when and where to use them. So why am I here? Well I want to make something basic, to keep me distracted and pass the time. I am in my 20's and have been stuck in the Philippines for about a year now... things aren't looking good and I am in a waiting period hoping t
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