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  1. Interesting - my projects embed Pixi within React lately, but worked well in that ecosystem. Also interested in moving more to TypeScript... been slow to adopt, but I like the language features.
  2. Are there some examples of extending PIXI.utils namespace? Taking a look at Pixi's debugging and editor tools, the Free Transform Tool appears to extend PIXI.utils - cool library, looks pretty alpha without npm or webpack. Just references PIXI in a global scope and attempts to prototype utils. If I want to extend Pixi through utilities, or maybe just provide webpack module libraries through npm, any recommendations such as good example projects to follow?
  3. @ivan.popelyshev Minus multi-selection, that's a perfect match. Thanks! Really appreciate all the support you provide.
  4. Any recommendation for equivalent functionality of Fabric.js selection and transformation with Pixi.js? Anything like this been endeavored for Pixi.js? Maybe a similar library out there?
  5. Since this is the #1 Google Search result for changing Pixi cursor, just noting the URL appears to have updated: https://pixijs.io/examples/#/interaction/custom-mouse-icon.js
  6. Appreciate the insight - thanks, @ivan.popelyshev
  7. Hi, my color values are off when rendering with Pixi.js For example, here I have a fill with #3984c5, but am getting #4c84c0 on render. const app = new PIXI.Application({}); document.body.appendChild(app.view); var graphics = new PIXI.Graphics(); app.stage.addChild(graphics); graphics.beginFill(0x3984c5) graphics.drawRect(50, 50, 200, 200); graphics.endFill https://codepen.io/jasonsturges/pen/PoYOdag Perhaps 8-bit vs 16-bit, but my Pixi.js app colors are not matching the source Flash application being ported. Something I'm missing, or not possible? Thanks