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  1. Thank you so much! 😂 You are very helpful! If you ever got another moment: Can you say something on second question? 3) Also, I got another one: Is there a way to switch off Pixi's rendering and call it manually from my game loop?
  2. Hello! I'm writing a pixelArt game. 1) I'd like to use procedural image generation, i e using functions to create and modify images pixel by pixel on fly. Some examples: modifying images to create dynamic shadows on an object itself, grass reacting to player movement, characters calculated/ animated in vector, but then pixel clothes grows on the vector sceleton and displayed. My Question is: Can Pixi do pixel manipulation? Is there smth I should know about it? Is Pixi - the best choice for such a task? Is it even gives any advantages, compared to HTML Canvas pixel manipulation, e g does it use GPU or smth? 2)I'd like to scale pixels freely, so two objects on scene can have pixels of different sizes. Is there a proper way to do it? I'm thinking of using some scale method on image or just drawing a lot of rectangles, with PIXI ParticleContainer or smth.. Also if someone thinks that my ideas are dumb for some reason, and I should prerender everything, please say so! Here's some probably irrelevant information: I plan to desktop the game, using electron. Thanks for attention! 🎩