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  1. Hi everyone, here is a pretty final version of my browser roguelike game Dungeon Mist. You fight monsters, discover items, find hidden paths in order to reach lower levels of the dungeon. Here you can play it or in This community helped me to fix some issues from previous versions. I would love to hear your feedback. - how the link works for Android phones(in iPhone there is a padding problem)
  2. Congrats on you first game! Keep developing! It’s a great simple game. Just feels to fast for me.
  3. You are welcome @JoslynAhlgren ! You are all invited to fb page to follow the updates
  4. Hi @youdontknowtillyouknow thanks for checking the game. I added various ways to move Arrow keys (for old-fashioned like me), wasd, and mouse. Attack occurs when you step on enemy. If you want to follow the development you may want to follow the facebook page I used pure javascript. That's because I started with simple thinks in the beginning, and I don't know if "Fog of war" is supported from any game framework. For this type of game, the canvas api was enough. I choose to generate the maps on the backend with php, with the thinking that generators will get too bulky to load on javascript, although that may cause me a problem if I try to make it playable offline.
  5. Really funny game 👍 But yes, it feels hard from the very beginning.
  6. Here is the latest version which is a dungeon crawler. I hope you like it.
  7. The game looks fun! On my desktop the graphics looks ok, the resolution problem you mension is with the background image?
  8. Thank you @mattstyles for checking them out. And your feedback is great and really helpful, small changes that can make a difference. The 'wait' command unfortunately did't think to add it, but will at next version. The annoying stuff will be taken care too. As for the attack/armor upgrates it's something I want to change, but with a simple inventory system, weapons with names would be cool. thanks again, I will post new versions here
  9. Hi, this is my attempt to create a turn based roguelike that can be played on browser. The first version is here And two later updates Tower of Undead where added some scrolls of magic Grey Oakwoods where you can collect throw arrows Any feedback is welcome