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  1. The eCPM and CTR is too low. Too hard to earn money on GameMonetize.com. The only good of them is that they pay on time.
  2. Hello I want to know which template of the website cargames.com used? Can someboy tell me? Thanks.
  3. GameDistribution had updated the developer guidelines. "Buttons, images, and texts sending users outside the game to other websites, social media platforms, and app stores, or pushing downloadable content, are by default not allowed, unless specific consent has been given under the terms of the partnership.". I think it's time to say goodbye to GameDistribution now. What's the alternative for GameDistribution?
  4. Reason: Hi there! Nice game! Could you make sure that there are no outgoing links in the game? Now at the start menu the MORE GAMES leads you away from the game. You can of course mention the site, but can you make sure that (accidentally) clicking it will not lead you away from the game? Then it's all good! We do this to prevent user frustration and to make sure the game has the best UX and revenue potential, please let me know if you have any questions! That's the reason why GameDistribution.com declined my game. So funny, we can't put a more games link in our games? If we upload the ga
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