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  1. First, I draw a PIXI.Container, but don't set it's position.Then, I put a PIXI.Sprite in it which has a specific x,y,width and height, through the console, i saw that the container's position is set to {x: 0, y: 0}, and it size is wrapping the sprite When I bind some MouseOver event on the container , it seems that it onlyt triggered on the sprite, ummm, i mean there is a blank part in the container but didn't trigger event. Is it normal? What if I want to expand the zone of the MouseOver event on sprite?
  2. I just don't know how to abstract my problem into a demo vividly, maybe like this: And I have a typing error above : PIXI.Graphics.getBounds() should be PIXI.Sprite.getBounds() instead. I noticed that in my own program, PIXI version point to 4.5.5, while the pixi-playground hold the minimum version for v4.6.1, And in v4.6.1 , my problem didn't reproduce. It's time to upgrade my pixi version thanks for your reply a lot.
  3. I am a new for PIXI. When I want to draw surrounding line on a rectangle , i use getBounds() method. But there is something difference between 2 calls, the first time I got a coordinate which is relative to the app stage, second time I got a coordinate which is relative to the browser window. However, between two calls, the invoked PIXI.Graphics has the same parent and children .I just don't know why is it.