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  1. Hi everyone, I have a picture that I draw pixel by pixel on the canvas. Size of the image: 512 * 256. When I make this picture 1536 * 768, the image looks very bad. I think I can use interpolation to fix this. But I couldn't find a good javascript library. It didn't work in the libraries I found. Is there anyone who can help me with this?
  2. I'm trying to read data from the file as follows and send data to the client. I can send a 20MB file in 30 seconds. But I have to send 20MB per second. Am I doing something wrong? [Server.js] var File = require('File') var FileReader = require('filereader'), fileReader = new FileReader(); fileReader.setNodeChunkedEncoding(true || false); fileReader.readAsArrayBuffer(new File('../Test.txt')); fileReader.addEventListener('load', function (ev) { JsonData = JSON.stringify(new Int16Array(;); }); var app = require('express')(); var http = require('http').createServer(app); var io = require('')(http); io.on('connection', function(socket){ console.log('a user connected'); console.log("DateTime : " + getDateTime()); socket.on("update", function(data){ console.log("DateTime : " + getDateTime()); socket.send(JsonData); }); socket.send(JsonData); socket.on('message', function(msg){ console.log('message: ' + msg); }); socket.on('disconnect', function(){ console.log('user disconnected'); }); }); http.listen(9099, function(){ console.log('listening on *:9099'); }); [Client.js] var socket = io("http://localhost:9099"); socket.on('message', function(message) { var JsonData = JSON.parse(message); socket.emit("update", { data:"getData"}); }); version : 2.2.0 Filereader version: 0.10.3 NodeJS version: 10.16.3
  3. What I want to do is actually something like this. Will keep coming 30k point continuously. Last points will be added to the top of the canvas. At other points it will go down. I was able to do it using PutImageData. But I don't know if it makes sense to use WebGL for a 30k dot. If it makes sense, I would consider switching to WebGL with PixiJS. But I have no idea how to do it using Pixi JS.
  4. Actually I don't water simulation. I do an audio waterfall and I couldn't find a way still. I make would like the following using WebGL with PixiJS. There will be about 32768 dots.
  5. Thanks for answer but I make would like the following There will be about 32768 dots. When I do this deliver better performance WebGL or 2d?
  6. Hi everyone, I would like to make an audio waterfall like the following using WebGL with PixiJS. But I couldn't find a way. Can those who know help?