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  1. Until now It was nearly impossible to get classic rewarded ads (from legit ad network) into web based games, especially for PC. Finally rewarded ads from google became true also on the PC web. https://www.gamearter.com/blog/rewarded-ads-for-web-games
  2. List of few alternatives (that are used by PacpGames) is at https://www.pacogames.com/blog/pacogames-and-games-distribution-services
  3. Is there any other store that sells licences for games of similar type (games inspired by movies)? (I mean games that contain media content of movie companies (graphics, sound, story...) without violating copyright.)
  4. You can use property .currentElement to check possition of your mouse (above which element it is - whether parent of child) Also take a look at optional third parameter of eventlistener - capturing
  5. Shortly, as mentioned above, there is IMA SDK for this provided by Google. Basic implementation is simple, there are previews. However, to be able to do that, you must have access to AFG (adsense for games) provided by Google. + display only non-personalized ads or deal with all privacy regulations. There are also terms and conditions for displaying ads you should know - such as what ad you can use on desktop/mobile web and in which frequency. There is simpler solution - ready to use solutions, usually using ADX for getting ads, via which there is possible to reach higher revenue per displa
  6. Any game, there are only some limitations, such as excessive violence in the games, publishing bought kits without any added value, etc Published games have to be made for playing by players, not for other reasons such as redirecting players to other websites through misleading links, however, outgoing links are enabled For more reasons, every game requires an approval from our side. If we decide to do not publish it, the developer is informed about the reason why we decided to not publish his game. We can reject e.g. bad games or copyhats of other already published games.
  7. There is over 1M monthly active users processing over 2M monthly visits, generating over 8M monthly gameplays. Revenue depends primarily on gameplay and secondarily on the type of monetization, used ads, frequency, CPMs. If you are interested for real CPMs in web games, some are available at https://developers.gamearter.com/cpm/ (for last 6 months)
  8. Hi, I will allow you publish and monetize your web-based games on my gaming website PacoGames.com. Basic information: There is possible to submit your game for free from any source (your hosting / some game distribution service) Automated process of publishing (games are published with your thumbnails and text after a quick check) games can be monetized with in-game ads, IAP, affiliate... games are published under developer's account - developer has label "developer" in comments. He receives notifications about reported bugs etc. Players can follow the devel
  9. Check full address you try to get - be sure that your files are really available there. If you use spaces in file names, remove them. Also check that the files are uploaded on server with proper permissions - at least read.
  10. As mentioned, there is Ima SDK for the ones approved for adsene for games (AFG). Implementation is quite simple, including samples. The ones without access to AFG can try search for some provider of ads for web games, there are bunch of them. More likely, the services provided such ads will use ads from ad exchange running in their own player -> developers using such services do not need develop own ad players + can achieve better CPMs compared to AFG.
  11. GameArter.com supports IAP (in a bit optimized way for web (b10b is right in many things)). Using of PayPal does not need to be optimal due to tax regulations.
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