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  1. Hi all, I'm relatively new to Pixi and searching for a good solution. I'm doing a PacMan like game. I have a 32x32 grid where I currently have 2 types of cells: Wall, Space. Walls are adaptive, meaning it knows if another wall is being it's neighbour and generates curve for corners for example. I'm using drawRectangle for vertical and horizontal tiles and drawLine with bezier for the corners. At the end I only use simple graphics, 2-4 per cell. This works fine until the point I add DropShadowFilter. I know, filters are expensive, but my goal is to have a glowing shadow around the wall that's dynamic and changing it's color (I think i'll never going to be able to do this in a performant way). The problems is that the grid always get's rerendered. cacheAsBitMap I can live without making it glow and just cache it. But it screws up the position of both the graphics and the shadow. Is having another WebGL context underneath the player's is a viable option? How about performance? How about it on mobile? Or is it possible to "freeze" the map conatiner without being rerendered (not as bitmap)? (I think I'll get a simple `no` for this ) What other solution would fit to this case (I can't use texture, map is dynamic both color wise, size wise, etc). Thanks in advance.