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  1. I have two overlapped sibling sprites, and they are NOT nested. const spriteA = PIXI.Sprite.from(...) app.stage.addChild(spriteA) spriteA.interactive = true spriteA.on("pointerdown", () => {console.log("spriteA")}) const spriteB = PIXI.Sprite.from(...) app.stage.addChild(spriteB) spriteB.interactive = true spriteB.on("pointerdown", () => {console.log("spriteB")}) What I want to achieve: When I click the overlapped area, I want the event on both spriteA and spriteB fired. I leave spriteA and spriteB NOT nested on purpose, due to some reason they cannot be nested.
  2. What I want to achieve: I want to highlight the first word of each sentence. (See the attached image) I don't want to use two different Text object to achieve this, since it would be very difficult to locate them correctly.
  3. I am trying to apply AdvancedBloomFilter to a sprite, but now the filter is applied to the entire sprite(even the transparent pixel). Is there any way to just apply the AdvancedBloomFilter to the colored pixels?