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  1. I am building a team of programmers with experience in Html5/Javascript and Node.js Type of Game: 2D MMORPG The game will be an open world grand theft auto 5 type game play but in 2D In game development tools and admin access along with an in game file manager where developers can drag and drop new script files images sfx and animation files in game with no problem I also attached some of our art work (the characters) and some of our map designs (levels) below PLEASE BE AWARE OUR CHARACTERS ARE DMCA PROTECTED DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TAKE THEM If you are interested please message me via discord by joining my server I would love to start development ASAP Our discord server code is : Bpz8cMW
  2. I wanna building a team of developers that would like to build a 2d mmorpg game using HTML5 , JavaScript, and NodeJs the game will serve as a demo to allow people to use the core of the game as an engine to build their own games this is something I have always wanted to do for the game development community join the discord server for more info