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  1. By the way I solved the problem by using Phaser 2 and p2 physics. Now it works great !
  2. Thanks for this really smart answer
  3. Same here, and Matter JS is not really great. It's a bit annoying to learn from scratch something you know quite well. I understand update sometimes need to change the syntax, but I started with Phaser 1 (not a lot but sometimes) and each time I wanted to use Phaser again, a new version was available with new syntax etc...
  4. Hi, I’m making a simple physic game with Matter JS, you can see here : 1 Just click and a sword will fall, try to click some swords and you will see strange behavior : swords are moving by themself, bouncing or sliding etc… I used this tutorial with PhysicsEditor and TexturePacker with default settings. Am I doing something wrong ? Thanks !