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  1. All those casino games are fun but at the same time, they are just a waste of money so I prefer sports betting because with predictions from https://livescores.biz you can actually earn money.
  2. Slots always seemed to be a bit boring to me so I always preferred things like sports betting more. It's much more interesting in my opinion because you need to spend some time browsing for the information on https://fscore-bd.com and similar websites.
  3. Never was able to understand all those betting games. If you want to make a bet, sports betting is the only legit thing in my opinion. And it's my hobby by the way. That's why I have https://fscore.net bookmarked in my browser.
  4. I wish you good luck with this great challenge. You know, it could be cool if you create a youtube channel and start making a video about it. I am sure many people would be interested in the way how you are coming through it. In addition to it, there is an opportunity to get youtube likes that makes it easier to gain popularity.
  5. I have another understanding of games. First of all, I mean online games which take a considerable part of the time and do harm my studying. Nevertheless, I still play many games and waste much time on it. Sometimes I have to use fast writing services to submit all my essays. Of course, I have a lot of them.
  6. I disagree with the opinion above. Games will never be less popular. But it's definitely true that people will use more useful services and apps which are usually visited on PC. For instance, here you can find a service which allows you to transfer and exchange money. And it's convenient to use on smartphones too.
  7. No answers unfortunately :c I'm a big fan of Pokemon games and I even play old (but gold) Pokemon FireRed version on Gameboy. Nowadays I can't handle it without codes which I search for there but still. So, the thing is I wanted to try to do a game on my own too but I don't know the best way to approach it.
  8. Wobla

    stock trading

    Decided to get some experience with forex trаding so I heаded over to https://topbrokers.com/forex-promotions/nodeposit-bonus/1000-startup-bonus-instaforex , found а broker аnd stаrted trаding. So fаr things аre going pretty well but not much time pаssed so I аm not sure if thаt's just luck or I figured out the right strаtegy.