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  1. @mobileben I already have a class for my cards. In fact I base my script on the 3D Cards example. @jonforum Class auto bind works perfectly! @ivan.popelyshev Thanks for the example, it's really great and made me choose PixiJS than an other game engine. I have to create this little game for now but I'm not a full-time game maker. I'll do the issue report tomorrow with my fiddle for example.
  2. @mobileben card.interactive = true; card.on('pointerover', event => { this.position3d.y += 10; }); card.on('pointerout', event => { this.position3d.y -= 10; }); says to me: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'y' of undefined and this: card.on('pointerover', event => { += 10; }); card.on('pointerout', event => { -= 10; }); render the same result as the beginning: pointerover works well, pointerout don't... @ivan.popelyshev Thanks for the welcoming
  3. See this fiddle, based on the first interaction example. both over and out return null for target I tried pointerout with the callback. I'll check with the arrow function
  4. I'm using the latest version of pixi-layers currentTarget is null too. you can see below in attachment console.log(event) inside of onMouseOut callback In some thread I see people use hitArea which I'm not using. Should I? I supposed if I don't need to mouseover, I don't need either to mouseout?
  5. Hi all. New to PixiJS, I'm working on a divination card game. I just want to add a basic animation on card mouseover/mouseout: just change the z position +/-10. In my code mouseover works, but mouseout don't: card.interactive = true; card.on('mouseover', onMouseOver); card.on('mouseout', onMouseOut); function onMouseOver(event) { += 10; } function onMouseOut(event) { console.log(; // Fire null -= 10; } I also tried mouseleave: same result. Any idea?