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  1. Hey guys!...I am new to Phaser. I have an issue. When I am printing text on screen the text and its stroke is getting blur. What should I do now. Text is looking ugly
  2. Sir I used this plugin and It was scrolling on the laptop browser but not on the mobile.. what can I do else? help please
  3. Hi is there any way to enable mobile scrolling in phaser 2
  4. Hi I am new to game development. I have an issue.. here is the screenshot of my game which I am developing. My screen is scrollable with phaser_kinetic scroller. When I scroll the sheets with numbers it should be masked from the white line and and disappear the part of group sprite which is crossing the line. How can I achieve that. I used graphics to mask. But the graphics also hides the background. I dont want background to be hidden.
  5. I have same problem but output of this fiddle is not visible on my computer screen....why? help please
  6. I am very new to phaser. I am creating a game with phaser 2.x. I want to apply tween on text along with the sprite which is parent of the text, because I have made text as a child of the sprite image. I have tried with the following code. var GameState = { preload:function(){ --------- this.load.image('blackboard', 'assets/images/ticket2.jpg') this.load.image('arrow', 'assets/images/arrow.png') --------- } create:function(){ ------ this.blackboard = this.add.sprite(, 525, 'blackboard'); this.blackboard.anchor.setTo(0.5) this.arrow = this.add.sprite(40, 370, 'arrow') this.arrow.anchor.setTo(0.5) this.arrow.inputEnabled = true;, this) ------ }, showBlackboard: function () { var whiteStyle1 = { font: "25px Arial", fill: "#ffffff" } = this.add.text(120,280,"1",whiteStyle1); this.blackboard.addChild(; var tween = this.add.tween(this.blackboard);{ y: 350 }, 500) tween.start(); } } Only the blackboard is being tweened. Even the text is not being printed on the screen. Can anybody give me a solution please