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  1. Play here : GIF A TITLE is an online multiplayer game with your friends where all players must find the best/funniest titles for gifs ! Play right now in the browser with your friends or people all around the world ! How to play ? Each player types a title for the gif, then everyone votes for the best title. The title with the most votes earn points. At the end, the player with the highest score is the winner! Play here : Tips : change tags before starting the game to play with the best gifs
  2. Definitely go for electron if you don't want to rewrite everything (or Perfs are good, but yes memory usage is bigger than if you create the game with unity for example.
  3. Hi, I'm working on Cubicross, a puzzle-game where you remove cubes to reveal a hidden shape. (like picross 3d). The game is currently work-in-progress, most of the work on the engine is done, tutorial also, and I'm going to add levels now. You can play it here : Mobile apps will come later (already tested on android), but you can already play the game on mobile browsers. There's also a level editor, so feel free to create some and to share them with us ! Have fun! How to create a puzzle: First you need to create the shape with the tools provided: add/remove cubes, color palette, .. Second you need to add numbers that will help people solve the puzzle. To do this, click on the "colors" switch at the bottom-left to enter the "numbers" mode. Now you need to click on faces where you want to show the numbers tip. All cubes that can be resolved will be marked green, all empty cubes that can be found will be marked blue, and all cubes that can't be resolved are marked red. The editor uses an algorithm to solve the puzzles, so to be sure your puzzle is solvable, be sure that all cubes are marked green/blue and there are no more red cubes !
  4. Hi all ! I'm currently working on a bomberman-like game, full of traps and special items and up to 10 players (objective: 100 players) The game is currently under development and we have a lot of plans to enhance it: new mods and modding engine new heroes, skins, biomes manage your account, friends, group host your local games and much more... (made with pixi.js, react & howler for the frontend) Play right now here: Hope you'll enjoy and feel free to discuss