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  1. Almost solved this issue, but found that if the file is loaded as text with type PIXI.loaders.Resource.LOAD_TYPE.XHR, it won't work well with gunzip functions. Is there any PIXI.loaders.Resource.LOAD_TYPE that would make Pixi to load resource as arraybuffer? UPDATED: found this function - PIXI.loaders.Resource.setExtensionXhrType('svgz', PIXI.loaders.Resource.XHR_RESPONSE_TYPE.BUFFER); After that, in svg.xhr.response we're getting the correct data to work with inflate.
  2. How to deal with SVG source inside the parser code? Say I've got SVG as a string, how to assign it to res ?
  3. Sure it's easier to setup the server right and forget about it - but in this particular case we have no control over Apache on production. Isn't Loader.registerPlugin specific for Pixi 5? I'm looking for solution for Pixi 4.8.
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to add SVGZ (gzipped SVG) support to Pixi loader in our game app. Pixi 5 has loader plugins but we have to use Pixi 4.8 so far. Is it possible to deflate loaded SVGZ images before Pixi parses them as SVG ? I've found some hints about afterMiddleware event and after() method but still can't figure it out.