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  1. I'm trying to use this tool: http://pixijs.io/customize/But I'm having troubles with getting the types to be imported. Could not find a declaration file for module '@pixi/constants'. '.../node_modules/@pixi/constants/lib/constants.js' implicitly has an 'any' type. Try `npm install @types/pixi__constants` if it exists or add a new declaration (.d.ts) file containing `declare module '@pixi/constants';`ts(7016) Does anyone know how to solve this? I know that in the main pixi.js import, the types are already there. I followed the tool and did this to get the modules: npm install @pixi/constants @pixi/core @pixi/display @pixi/math @pixi/runner @pixi/settings @pixi/ticker @pixi/utils
  2. Hi all, i'm developing a hybrid application that uses both the DOM and Pixi.js. Is there any way to use the textures loaded by the Loader class in CSS backgrounds, perhaps by converting them into data URIs?