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  1. @Noel Yes, sorry. Maybe I didn't explain myself correctly. I mean, I've tried with harcoded text. Also, when the text is not hardcoded, Pointer_stringify is necessary. Those are two separate tests. So hardcoded text, without Pointer_stringify, does not work as well. I've also noted, on iOS from messenger app and facebook app the text is showed correctly, so it doesn't work only on android and desktop browser.
  2. Hi @Noel, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I've alredy tried with hardcoded text, but the result is the same. Pointer_stringify is necessary, according to , without this you obtain a pointer, which is not what is needed.
  3. Hi,I'm trying to use FBInstant.ShareAsync from a game made with Unity.My function is ShareAsync: function (base64Picture, text) { var img = Pointer_stringify(base64Picture); FBInstant.shareAsync({ intent: 'REQUEST', image: img, text: Pointer_stringify(text), data: { myReplayData: '...' } }).then( function() { console.log("sharing is done"); }) .catch( function(err) { console.log('failed to share: ' + err.code + " :: " + err.message); }); } I can correctly see the image but no text appears, and I have three errors in the console repeating:"POST 404".I've tried also with static string for both text and image, but nothing change.Any advice? Thanks in advance.