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  1. ( Solitaire Online Free ) Before we begin, we want to clear one thing, the objective of the original solitaire games and the variety of it remains the same. It is clear the board. How a player can do, it depends upon the rules and game-play of the game. Now, we will come to the Yukon. In Yukon Solitaire, a player needs to move from the Tableau to the four Foundations piles. Those suits are Clubs, Spades, Diamonds, and hearts. However in Foundation, you can not put any card. They need to be put in suit order and their rank. Each Foundation will have one rank, and you need to put the cards in ascending form. So, if we think about it, they are two things here. The foundations which have four pills need to get filled. They will be on the right upper corner and then their tableau. There are seven piles which you needs to get emptied. The setup of Yukon is unique, as well. When you began it, you will see the first row is no face-down. It means the card is already visible to you. However in the remaining piles have N-1 Face-down. The N is the tableau number. It means the five fields have five cards face down. For more info :- Free Online Solitaire