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  1. Offroad Mania 1.0.5 updates: + added tires deformation + hide controls (show if started from select window) + save window mode settings Video
  2. Thank you! Now we work on updates for Steam. I prefer native mobile version, but look at this link
  3. Thanks a lot! I want to give you key. Please play in current version on Steam and write feedback again. Welcome to fan-chat in Discord. Offroad Mania — Development Programming: Armory3D (cross-platform 3d engine). Graphics: Blender (3d modeling), Adobe Photoshop (postprocessing), TexturePacker (GUI). Sounds: Wavosaur (postprocessing), (sounds sources). Music: Cubase (writing own soundtracks).
  4. Thanks a lot! I want to give you key. Please play in current version on Steam and write feedback again. Welcome to fan-chat in Discord.
  5. Offroad Mania 1.0.4 updates: + added gamepad triggers for accelerate/brake + added 'steering speed' settings + added camera view 'left', 'right', 'rear' + increased engine braking + increased zoom speed + fixed physics glithes + fixed levels glithes
  6. Offroad Mania 1.0.3 updates: + added "camera invert axis" settings + added camera view "bonnet" + fixed controller deadzone issue
  7. Offroad Mania 1.0.2 updates: + added 'freelook speed' settings in options + added 'always freelook' settings in options + improved physics: balanced grip and acceleration + fixed bug with dips into the stones
  8. Offroad Mania 1.0.1 updates: + improved physics: more grip and stability + added 'auto-camera' settings in options
  9. Thank you! We plan making updates (fix bugs, add new cars/tracks/modes and so on). Therefore $4.99 normal price I think. And game will be on all "season" sales with some discount, because people like to buy games on Steam in that moments. About restart after fall: some people ask to add checkpoints. I'll think about it after release. Maybe I add checkpoints with restart from them. Or no. I need more feedback from players.
  10. Full price $4.99 and 10% discount on release day. Add to wishlist!
  11. Good news! 1. I added game to Steam: Add Offroad Mania to your Wishlist 2. I added post to reddit, please press like (up-arrow) "Pre-release Offroad Mania: How I increased Steam wishlist"
  12. I paid the Steam developer license and will make version for it (somewhere in a month).
  13. Thank you for detailed feedback! I can give you free game key (Kartridge). Write me in Discord.
  14. Hello. I'm indie game developer and currently working on Offroad Mania — game for everyone, who like off road and challenge. Offroad Mania on Steam Write me in Discord and I give free game keys Free web demo Features: — 120 levels with rocks, trees, bridges, springboards etc. — 5 amazing 4×4 off road cars for fun — Car physics based game — Car and driver customizing — Fun driving gameplay — Colorful and clean game graphics — Gamepad support — Fullscreen mode p.s. In the future, I plan to do free updates (new cars, new tracks, etc.). Therefore it is very important your feedback and suggestions. Thanks for comments! Contacts: Email: Discord: Twitter: @activegames
  15. Thanks for answer. I added my game Offroad Mania to Gamedistribution and Gamemonetize. I can see that much more revenue from Gamedistribution. But I have not received any bank transfer. If I decide that question, I will write here. Below links to my game: Buy Offroad Mania on Kartridge Free web demo