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    grmaster reacted to Jammy in Offroad Mania — free keys for feedback   
    I played the browser version and thought it was so good and pure I checked out the steam and the price I felt was also very fair so i had to buy it for myself to support the project.
    Would it be possible at all to play it on my iPad?
    Good luck with the recent launch!
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    grmaster reacted to Rudi in Offroad Mania — free keys for feedback   
    I played the demo on GameDistribution as well. Let me start of with saying that the game looks good!
    There's some improvements to be made though.
    Like others mentioned, it should auto restart when you fall. Also, I can drive off the track when I cross the finish line! 
    The camera.. it makes me a bit 'motion sick'. I think it should follow GTA5 rules, when you steer a bit to the left or right, the camera doesn't follow. When you're about to lose proper sight, then the camera should adapt.
    Steering the jeep is also a bit wonky. It responds a bit 'slowly'. Or at least it feels that way.
    I'd also add a check box on the control menu that pops up everytime that says 'Hide this on start'. I'd also call the 'Secrets' something else, they're not exactly secrets, more like 'Trophys'.
    Perhaps also add a time limit per level? To make it more challenging, or as an optional 'Time challenge' as a seperate mode.
    Other than that, game looks good, I really like the virbrant colors, the offroad experience is a nice theme as well. UI also looks great. And I'm loving the roarring sound of the engine, well chosen!
    You know what would also be cool? At the end of the level, just after the finishing line, add a big ramp, so you can jump real high! Would also be really nice if you added a slow, descending ridge all along side the parcours, which starts at a steep depth of say 5 metres. So you'll be like 'I don't want to fall in there!' And when you do, have the truck fall into pieces. The ridge doesn't have to extend into infinity sideways. Just a border of descending 20 metres or so? That way, you'll actually have an effect when you fall down, instead of into infinite nothingness. And finally, at the end of the level, you get to smash the truck into pieces after that high jump I just talked about! Or an alternative. In any case, it needs a 'reward' after you finish a level, something fun, not just a statistic.

    The game itself is probably not something I'd pay money for on Steam, it seems to fit better as a mobile game (perhaps you already made it an app), with say, a virtual thumbstick to control the jeep.
    All it needs is some polishing.

    P.S. I'm always curious to know, did you create the objects yourself? Also, can't believe this is HTML5! Is there a specific engine/framework you're using?
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    grmaster reacted to NPTacgorian in What alternative for gamedistribution.com?   
    I don't have much experience, I started 1 and a half months ago to get involved in the web videogames market. At the moment I found 3 that tried and give profits, but I have few games myself. -Gamedistribution -Gamemonetize -Gamearter They could be called "alternatives" work the same way I think. Nice to help you, regards
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