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  1. Update of the drum machine: - 4-color pictures - sprites can flipX http://punkcoders.free.fr/punkowip_2_8/
  2. I don't know Pico8 sorry. Our pattern isn't a ms-dos emulator, it just uses screenBuffer and audioBuffer like dos did: stupid simple
  3. For the moment i've juste generated a terrain chunk: http://punkcoders.free.fr/Punk3d/ Next step is trying export a mesh from blender.
  4. Ok, it has nothing to see with adobe flash. It's just a keep-it-stupid-simple c++ pattern for retro games, emulating MS-DOS VGA and AudioBuffer. This minimalist pattern just manages devices: video, audio, files and controls. We're a tiny french startup, we gotta manage with few money, so with few code. At now it only compiles for windows with SDL and HTML5 with emscripten. Here's a demo: http://punkcoders.free.fr/punkowip/ The tool is here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/sdl-emscripten-tests/files/ In future versions we'll try to add these features: - stat
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