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  1. Hey! Were you successful in creating your wrapper? I'm of the assumption it was going to be faster than HernanZh's?




  2. Its not really necessary to provide the game files. Iframes work just fine if the host iframe allows it. But yes as playh5 said, there are many channels distributing those things and...meh
  3. Wow I wanna hire you! You're the perfect artist for my multiplayer game Bob the Brawler https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iU6kptNz1Zs Though, I would say, your skills are even greater than my minimal requirements so I don't want to hold you back there. As well as...I can't pay so don't even invest too much time into this comment. 😅 I'm just here to say your art is COOL! 😁
  4. Happy new year. I'ven't checked Mega yet, since Dropbox seemed useful enough for me. But interesting discovery.
  5. @withkojidev I understand now. And that is indeed straightforward. Create a game/template, that others can use to remix and have fun. The only thing right now, is that more than likely, I will have to learn how to use your APIs in my game making such that things like leaderboards, and assets are remixable, not just plain JS games. So that would be an investment that I'll be interested in soon. But right now I'm occupied with about 3 things at once. I will keep this in mind to explore later on when I'm freed up.
  6. @plicatibu as of now, I have no idea how to license games yet, and am currently researching incorporating ads (google ads are a no go) But yeah I knew the risk with minimum payouts for ads. 😕 Well, for not I'll keep my own game,I guess. There's not much I can do in terms of monetizing yet. But thank you very much for the advice! 😁
  7. Yes, the best way is to ping servers to check for lowest ping. Or use the user's location to get an accurate geographical representation of where they may be (North America, Japan etc) and try to do ping tests with servers there first.
  8. Should be fine enough to go on heroku. Make sure you have .gitignore so you can ignore the node_modules when uploading to github.
  9. Text is confusing but it is really cool. With graphics, this could be amazing!
  10. I'm seeing a lot of remixes that are basically just sprite changes. You want a game creator, or an artist? Additionally, does every single remix get $500, or "just the ones that meet out specifications" and what determines that?
  11. That paperio3 game isn't a completely offline game. And actually, it isn't even their game. It's ppaper.io 2, you just embedded their game on your website.
  12. You only need the id of the pig with the biggest distance, so I'd loop through the pigs and store the id with the biggest y value: let pigIDWithFurthestY; let biggestDistance = 0; for(let i = 0; i < pig.length; i++) { if(ball.y - pig[i].y > biggestDistance) { biggestDistance = ball.y - pig[i].y; pigIDWithFurthestY = i; } } //ok, so at the end pigIDWithFurthestY will contain the i value of the pig that is the furthest in y. //To do an action on it, just call it with // pig[pigIDWithFurthestY] //the variable names are just for you to understand what's
  13. Danidre

    In-Game Login API

    Newgrounds.io allows anyone to incorporate a login system to their game. From what I understand, they login to their newgrounds account, directly in the game, and they can even have that game on their own website. In other words, they do not need to upload the game to newgrounds, yet they can still be authenticated from Newgrounds. I assume an API is used, but I'm not sure how. If cookies are stored locally, or if JWT Tokens are used. I have a multiplayer game which works using 2 separate programs: The server is run using Node.JS hosted by Heroku The client is r
  14. Bob the Brawler is a top down quick-paced html game created for Ludum Dare 45. I decided to make it multiplayer, so I plan to record progress. I found this website while looking for socketio developers with experience, so that I could share my methods or latency compensation and seek advice or suggestions. But, as it's also a pure HTML 5 game, documenting it here would be a good idea as well. Video progress here: Direct game link here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/740364
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