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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, lots of food for thought.
  2. We're working on a 2D graph visualization engine using Pixi as the underlying graphics library. Our demands are going to get pretty crazy later on, but for now, we want to reliably be able to smoothly render & interact with ~100k Nodes/Edges which will be composed of Sprites and/or Graphics (but scaling to ~1M+ later on is not out of the question) I think things like Viewport/Z culling (assuming Pixi is not doing one of those already behind the scenes) would be good and perhaps faking non-active nodes/edges with a RenderTexture/ParticleContainer? Due to interactivity needs, things like ParticleContainer may not be a one-stop solution as it doesn't seem to support interactivity; but perhaps using our own Interaction manager (quadtree/kdtree) would sidestep that limitation. I guess what I am asking is, what are the communities recommendations when they need to show a large number of potentially interactive objects (Sprites/Graphics) on the screen at once?