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  1. Thank you! I've taken a look to createJS and looks easy to learn for me (I worked with actionscript in the past, while the rest of the team have zero javascript experience). Finally, we have selected to start with Phaser because after some advices, including one here, have recommend it for our tiled game. Best, Marino.
  2. Hi, I'm happy when I found this forum couple of weeks ago. I was reading many of the post regarding frameworks to learn more. Thanks! We (University of Extremadura) want to develop a free and open source game for highschools for the girls and boys to learn to program. The idea that we have is really similar to this game mechanisms: (thematic and language to learn will be different and our target are mobile web browsers). For the code editor we have already selected codemirror. However, for the game framework, being a really simple moving and interaction mechanisms (no phisycs, 2D, only with 4 different rooms and badgeds as reward), we are not sure about going directly with typescript, pixi or phaser. Any advice would be welcome.