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  1. @ivan.popelyshev yess its greate. when unFoucuse . this plugin convert string in input to SpriteText.
  2. @bubamara thanks for reply. yes. input is element and picture is sprite that added on stage. so , you want say not any way to handle this problem?? if I want put a html input under one sprite not any way?
  3. hi. i use element html in pixi.js by this plugin i create an input and add it on stage. but this z-index not working. for example: I first added input . then added this picture but input zIndex not working . and allways get on other object. please heelppp me
  4. ivan.popelyshev thanks for replying. this libraray seems is good . but not understand how use it in PIXI.js can give me an example? can describe
  5. hi masters 😍 im beginner in pixi.js and game develop. i write a program that in some time load some picture or video or music... not problem in pictures but when load a video or a music. it take long time until play . I decided when start my program . download all video and all music. then show a progressbar with title (loading...) i created my progressBar but can't connect it on my media. thanks for your helps. and sorry for my english languge...
  6. thanks. so now I another a question. i want add event for just red area . can do it????
  7. hi friends. I want dispatch a custom event for one sprite. for example: when click on bunny sprite. dispatch an event that name is : sayHello. i wirte this code: but when run and click on bunny show this error: but if i change this code: this.dispatchEvent to -> document.boy.dispatchEvent work successfuly. but i Want dispatch to my sprite or container . can do it????
  8. thanksss @jonforum I create new Class TextureVideo extends Texture and overwrite "from" method. and say it un save in cache. its workkeedd 😘
  9. thanks for reply @jonforum I test your code. but my problem not solved. I test this code: yes Im control my video By: videoSprite0.texture.baseTexture.source but in new Version PIXI must use: videoSprite0.texture.baseTexture.resource.source
  10. hey. I'm new in Pixi.js and all Js 😊 I want create two Sprite Video from one src video. its create successfuly but when seek on video1 . changing video2 current time. for example: but i not want this happen. im try with Texture.fromVideo() but have this problem... sory my english bad 😞