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  1. thanks for replying @lasertown can give me resource or simple code? I nube in programming...
  2. Hi. i create a program via pixi.js. now i want give this program to my users. but when run index.html that linked my source project. give error cross origin for my files that used for Textures this program must run on localhost user's . but if cant solve this program , not running on localhost please help me...
  3. @ivan.popelyshev yess its greate. when unFoucuse . this plugin convert string in input to SpriteText.
  4. @bubamara thanks for reply. yes. input is element and picture is sprite that added on stage. so , you want say not any way to handle this problem?? if I want put a html input under one sprite not any way?
  5. hi. i use element html in pixi.js by this plugin https://github.com/EneaEntertainment/pixi-html-element-wrapper i create an input and add it on stage. but this z-index not working. for example: I first added input . then added this picture but input zIndex not working . and allways get on other object. please heelppp me
  6. ivan.popelyshev thanks for replying. this libraray seems is good . but not understand how use it in PIXI.js can give me an example? can describe
  7. hi masters 😍 im beginner in pixi.js and game develop. i write a program that in some time load some picture or video or music... not problem in pictures but when load a video or a music. it take long time until play . I decided when start my program . download all video and all music. then show a progressbar with title (loading...) i created my progressBar but can't connect it on my media. thanks for your helps. and sorry for my english languge...
  8. thanks. so now I another a question. i want add event for just red area . can do it????
  9. hi friends. I want dispatch a custom event for one sprite. for example: when click on bunny sprite. dispatch an event that name is : sayHello. i wirte this code: but when run and click on bunny show this error: but if i change this code: this.dispatchEvent to -> document.boy.dispatchEvent work successfuly. but i Want dispatch to my sprite or container . can do it????
  10. thanksss @jonforum I create new Class TextureVideo extends Texture and overwrite "from" method. and say it un save in cache. its workkeedd 😘
  11. thanks for reply @jonforum I test your code. but my problem not solved. I test this code: yes Im control my video By: videoSprite0.texture.baseTexture.source but in new Version PIXI must use: videoSprite0.texture.baseTexture.resource.source
  12. hey. I'm new in Pixi.js and all Js 😊 I want create two Sprite Video from one src video. its create successfuly but when seek on video1 . changing video2 current time. for example: but i not want this happen. im try with Texture.fromVideo() but have this problem... sory my english bad 😞
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