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  1. O, hello again. I assumed that the displacement filter will add transparency to highly displaced areas and create this cool effect as in the first link. But it has a solid color non-transparent color instead. So basically I want to achieve that highlighted areas in the screenshot would be transparent. P. S. Thanks for the previous hint & happy NY to you!
  2. Hi, I'm trying to implement this effect: . But I don't want to have the whole scene to be transparent. Content should be visible behind this disappearing sprite. So when trying to implement I'm don't see transparency that I was expecting: Could you guys provide some insights on what am I missing here?
  3. Okay, now I got what you meant, and managed to implement it on a small scale. However, I forgot to mention one detail which makes this solution unapplicable for me (at least as-is). My texture is so large, that WebGL freaks out and won't render it. So I had to split it into multiple sprites to avoid quality loss. So I cannot use a single texture as a mask. I cannot assign the container to a sprite mask as well - it is either Sprite or Graphics. Is it possible to do that if mask sprite will be added in-between sprites (illustration 1) it will be rendered correctly, using textures from intersected sprites (illustration 2)? Do graphics share the same size limitations as textures do?
  4. Well... I'm very grateful for the responses, but I still kinda don't get how to do this. Maybe you could just point out some abstractions or links whose I need to research to be able to modify mask texture in real time?
  5. Thank you for the response! The point was that mask sprites have a uniform texture. So in this example center of the gradient for each hand should not be on each specific sprite but on the area itself. So this can be accomplished using mentioned abstractions?
  6. Hello, I'm trying to accomplish real-time drawing external images onto mask. I attached gif with effect I'm trying to achieve (radial gradient is assumed to be sprite texture). Is there a performant way to draw onto Graphics object images with rotation and transparency? Or maybe use multiple Sprites as mask? Or maybe at least update existing texture from canvas without generating a new one?