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  1. Hey! I am looking for someone who can develop a game called 'court piece' in HTML5 using any JS framework/engine. You can find more info about the game here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Court_piece The game must be multiplayer and use firebase for database. Little Introduction about me: I am a Web Developer with 6 years of experience in Game Development, sounds weird right? Here is what happened so I recently switched to Web Development as I wanted to try something new and now I am doing a full-time job in that domain. Since I was a game developer, I was also having a
  2. Hello! I am looking for a HTML5[React] Game Developer who can develop a multiplayer game using React[Frontend] & Firebase [Backend]. I basically want a game which can be hosted on my site and can be played by my site viewers. I should be able to host a game session and my site viewers can join the session and play the game together. I will share the game idea on DM. I also have the designs ready, you just need to make the game according to it. Let me know if you're interested in this project. Just send me a DM and we'll discuss further. Thanks!
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