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  1. No, I don't. I believe it is not possible on the fb instant games.
  2. I have the same doubt. Is there any push notification system or the only way to notify the other user is through a new message in the chat window? What I wanted was to avoid closing the game after the user plays and reopen it again
  3. I figured out what the problem is. I had the following html element on the header: <base href="/"> Changing it to <base href=""> will do the trick! Thanks @Vlados
  4. I'm developing a Facebook Instant Game using HTML5 and am having trouble loading the css and JavaScript files linked on the index.html page, it is showing on the chrome console Is this a question of permissions or what am I missing? all files are on the root. Take a look at the image here you can see the console errors.
  5. @Noel the game is very similar to the tic tac toe, it is turn based and I have a backend.
  6. I've been learning how Facebook instant games SDK works in multi-player mode for a while and still don't have a solid idea. Looking at the function "chooseAsync" it seems to be the one that a player (player A - master) uses to invite a friend (player B - slave) to play the game with you, fair enough. But then, how do we handle the accept request on player B (slave) flow? How is player A notified that his friend accepted the challenge and is ready to play? Same questions about when one player is waiting for his opponent to play, I believe I need to use "switchAsync" function but am
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