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  1. When i trim my spritesheet then the sprite gets kinda wobbly or something without trim vs with trim on var i = PIXI.Texture.from(t.frames.index[t.i]) , o = new PIXI.Texture(i,new PIXI.Rectangle(i.frame.x,i.frame.y,i.frame.width,i.frame.height)) I'm guessing it is because each frame has a different width and height value as its trimmed, although not entirely sure what the best way to fix this is.
  2. Ok thanks for the help! Ended up making something like this var b = PIXI.Texture.from(t.frames.index[t.i]) , n = new PIXI.Texture(b, new PIXI.Rectangle(b.frame.x, b.frame.y, b.frame.width, b.frame.height)) Which seems to work perfectly fine.
  3. How would i make the sourceSize (width and height) the same as the trimmed size when making a PIXI.Texture.from() ? Because my sprite gets kinda messed up when the sourceSize is {w: 614, h: 564} and the trim is {width: 286, height: 481}, and i couldnt change the width and height on the texture directly either, soo not really sure.