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  1. I am using Babylon's FilesInput for listening to an upload from the user. I have also implemented the import for an .obj file. So a user gives to babylon an .obj file with an .mtl file for the materials and .jpg for the texture. However let's say that my user have multiple textures in multiple .jpg files. I noticed that babylon.js just reads the first one and don't consider the others .jpg files. Is there a way to fix this? To clarify my question. With the structure: - materialFile.mtl - textureFile.jpg - objectFile.obj Everything is perfect. However when I have: - materialFile.mtl - textureFile1.jpg - textureFile2.jpg - textureFile3.jpg - objectFile.obj Babylon.js don't read textureFile2 and 3. Here is my code for the FilesInput: Importer = new BABYLON.FilesInput(this.engine, this.scene, this.Loaded.bind(this), null, null, null, () => BABYLON.Tools.ClearLogCache(), null, this.Error.bind(this)); Importer.monitorElementForDragNDrop(canvas);