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  1. Hello ! I want to integrate have my spritesheet based on a Base64 Image. I am not 100% sure how to make it work. I cant make it work. I dont get textures in my spritesheet in the end... sheet = new PIXI.Spritesheet(PIXI.Texture.from("...."), { "frames": { "banana.png": { "frame": {"x":513, "y":0, "w":512, "h":512}, "spriteSourceSize": {"x":0,"y":0,"w":512,"h":512}, "sourceSize": {"w":512,"h":512} }, "coin.png": { "frame": {"x":513, "y":513, "w":310, "h":334}, "spriteSourceSize": {"x":0,"y":0,"w":310,"h":334}, "sourceSize": {"w":310,"h":334} }, "strawberry.png": { "frame": {"x":0, "y":0, "w":512, "h":512}, "spriteSourceSize": {"x":0,"y":0,"w":512,"h":512}, "sourceSize": {"w":512,"h":512} }, "wrong.png": { "frame": {"x":0, "y":513, "w":512, "h":512}, "spriteSourceSize": {"x":0,"y":0,"w":512,"h":512}, "sourceSize": {"w":512,"h":512} } }, "meta": { "image": "....", "size": {"w": 1026, "h": 1026}, "scale": "1" } });
  2. Hey I drew some rects with Pixi graphics and I like to put sprites and text on top. Eventhough the pictures and text get added after the graphics have been added to the scene, the rects seem to have highest layer. I might wanna use pixi layers but I am not sure how I can assign a layer to a graphics rect. Can someone help me?