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  1. Hey guys. I made some progress, I added shader to application and you can take a look like I promised: Website is still in progress but this thing is done. I have one new problem now. How can I preserve aspect ratio of textures? Also I would appreciate any suggestion about the code, you can take a look here:
  2. I will give my best I can always ask girlfriend to help with.... 😄 More and more people get involved in this project. Hope I can share with you guys how that will look at the end. It is not game, just website, but I wanted to approach it differently and challenge myself, since it is portfolio. Thanks again 😊
  3. Ivan, can you point me to that video on Russian? I started learning it, was couple of times to Russia and I understand most of the things, since I'm Serbian and those languages are similar.. 😄
  4. Thanks a lot guys. You don't have idea how much you helped me already and how much I improved myself. I needed direction, not to wonder around and some examples if that's possible. But you was always there when I needed it. Hope I will become advanced enough to help others beginners in decent time.
  5. Hey Ivan. I think you succeeded with that. To do this you just need a tiny bit knowledge about Shaders and one example (which one you guys did) and you are ready to go. I as a beginner succeeded to implement shader from ShaderToy to PIXI, so that's prove something. I have one more question and it is related to the specific example of shader i linked up above. Now when I managed to use Shader in PIXI, I'm stuck up with idea how to make mask from it. I used before PIXI.Graphics to create mask. I have two containers with content's and my idea was to use that cool Shader mouse movement animation to reveal content of background container. So I would appreciate any advice with logic behind that. I don't want to bore you to death guys, but I don't have other place to go and ask for questions. Big thanks for everything!
  6. I just saw response. Awesome! Thanks a lot, I will try to get as much as possible out of it.
  7. Thanks a lot. I hope you will be able to upload that and I'm sure a lot of ppl here would have use from that, since there is no much materials how to use ShaderToy with PIXI. I'm giving my best to combine code samples and advices you guys give me to make it work, since I don't have knowledge and experience with Shaders i rely only on pure instinct and luck, so any information and example are more than valuable.
  8. Can you give me one advice, btw. I looked for his example and noticed that he is creating RenderTexture from Buffer and he is using 2 RenderTextures one for Buffer one for Image, since that shader has its Buffer A and Image on Shader Toy. Shader that I want to use has Buffer A, Buffer B and Image, should I than create 3 RenderTextures? One more question, code he use differs from one from Shader toy just with this two lines for each Buffer he use. Since example I want to use also have iChannel1; I wounder, how should I define them? uniform vec2 iResolution; uniform sampler2D iChannel0;
  9. Thank you for always responding and helping this community, I didn't expect from you to do it, just posted here in hope someone else could be interested. I tried to use his code but without success, I have to try again.
  10. Thanks. I already asked but he didn't respond. So I hope that I could find some other nice guy to help with
  11. Hello guys! I would like if someone could help me, I'm even willing to pay for such help cos I'm desperate to find solution to this. I'm about create cool website but I'm still learning PIXI in the process. Question is: Can I use shaders as a mask? I alredy have one foreground image and background image, so two containers with different background images, I already created circle mask that follow mouse movement but I want something much cooler and advanced. I would like to use this shader as a mask on mouse movement. I know it is not simple task but I would really appreciate help and If anyone able to save me from this, please write me. Thanks in advance.
  12. Sorry for late response. I needed it for just for one line of text, so I did it manually with relative positioning. Anyway I would like to check and learn other methods, but this link you sent me is not active. Thanks anyway.
  13. Thanks. So basically I'm going to play with text positions. All right, it doesn't seem like the neatest way to do it but I guess it is possible.
  14. Yes, I would like to do it manually. I asked in this post how, since I couldn't find it. Can you show me on my code example? I think shoudn't be complicated, but i simply couldnt find it. I found that learning pixi from their documentation is a bit hard, since there is no much explanation. Thanks in advanece
  15. I tried to work with that plugin, but couldn't get it work since it required v4. Maybe I did something wrong, since I'm still newbie. Also you can check on this page