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  1. Sorry for late response. I needed it for just for one line of text, so I did it manually with relative positioning. Anyway I would like to check and learn other methods, but this link you sent me is not active. Thanks anyway.
  2. Thanks. So basically I'm going to play with text positions. All right, it doesn't seem like the neatest way to do it but I guess it is possible.
  3. Yes, I would like to do it manually. I asked in this post how, since I couldn't find it. Can you show me on my code example? I think shoudn't be complicated, but i simply couldnt find it. I found that learning pixi from their documentation is a bit hard, since there is no much explanation. Thanks in advanece
  4. I tried to work with that plugin, but couldn't get it work since it required v4. Maybe I did something wrong, since I'm still newbie. Also you can check on this page
  5. Thanks for replay. I found that solution with multystyle repo but it is not compatible with pixi v5. Is there a way to do it manualy, without library, I need it only for one line of text.
  6. How can I manuly apply two different styles to text? For example: Simple Text My code: const text = new PIXI.Text('Simple Text'); text .style = new PIXI.TextStyle ({ fill: 0x2d2c2f, fontSize:20 });