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  1. How? from new Spine(...).spineData.defaultSkin.attachments or any short path ?
  2. Hi, I have Spine Animation(used atlas bitmaps). Can i access to it atlas (single bitmap) Texture to create new PIXI.Spite?
  3. this.texture.baseTexture.source.width=1; this.texture.baseTexture.source.height=1; delete this.texture.baseTexture.source; thanks for prompt repl after implement this method Canvas2d memory is -64b(before 1.2 Mb), but object Canvas2D still present
  4. Hi , question about GC or how i can clean canvas2d object after use method generateCanvasTexture game use PIXI.WebGLRenderer - only PixiJs version 4.8.2 (this my pain, but i can`t up pixijs to v5) on class this.data:PIXI.Graphics this.view:PIXI.Sprite .... on sometimes i need redraw data on view this.texture =this.data.generateCanvasTexture(PIXI.SCALE_MODES.LINEAR,1); this.view.texture = this.texture; on next time try to clean this.texture, remove from PIXI.Texture.removeFromCache this.texture .destroy(true); delete this.texture ; but debug console in Safari (tab Canvas) show all Canvas wich created on method generateCanvasTexture, but they never destroyed on memory How i can do clean up memory on it?