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  1. Can you please explain it? As I know I have all the textures in one array and I'm loop through that so No chance to get null or undefined.
  2. I have a JSON file generated by Texture Packer. I'm getting texture from JSON file and trying to change it then It's not working. I'm doing something like this: this._paylineAnimation = new SkinFiriLottoSimpleRope(this._animationFrames[0].texture, this._points); then with tween I'm changing the texture of this._paylineAnimation. this._paylineAnimation.texture = this._animationFrames[this._frame].texture;
  3. I have tried to change the texture of SimpleRope mesh by mesh.texture = "new texture" at run time... But it's not changing. Even I have tried by mesh.material.texture as well. Both didn't work for me. Can anyone please help?