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  1. Mhm, thanks, I thought there was a standard for these kind of procedures, but I guess it's left to the dev what's best for himself. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Well technically that's what I'm doing now. Although, what if I have children of children I'd like to destroy? Isn't there some API ready for this? Or should I just iterate? My use case in particular is: I have 2 main scenes (which i switch based on a condition). Both scenes, have along the pixi tree - nested at an arbitrary level - some components with observable properties and on destroy of that component i remove those observers. When I switch scene the idea was to removeChildren from it to "clear" the tree and free some memory, but by doing this, I'm not actuall
  3. Hello, does anyone know why removing children with .removeChildren() doesn't also trigger the .destroy() of those children? If it is by design, can anyone suggest a good pattern?
  4. Apparently stopPropagation should do the job in a more succinct way. About the third parameter, where did you find the docs? Cause on my intellisense the third parameter is context. Also I tried this solution and it works fine, although I have another issue now. The inner circle will stop the propagation much so, that if now i actually hover on the father, it won't trigger anything. My best guess is that by stopping the propagation the father lost his chance to fire. Do i have to manually call it?
  5. Hello community, I have a Graphics, say a circle, and inside i nest another circle with addChild property. If to both the graphics i add a listener such as "mouseover", how do i prevent the "father" to fire when i'm just hovering the "child" circle? Regards.
  6. Thanks for the reply @ivan.popelyshev. I think i got where the problem is. I was trying to understand how this particles effect works and basically i tried to emit only a particle at a time, if i increment the max particles, it will just work.
  7. Hello, I've been trying to follow what @ivan.popelyshev mentioned without any results. This is how my code looks like. const config = { speed: { start: 1, end: 5000, minimumSpeedMultiplier: 0.1 }, lifetime: { min: 1, max: 1 }, frequency: 0.008, spawnChance: 1, particlesPerWave: 1, emitterLifetime: 1, maxParticles: 1, pos: { x: 0, y: 0 }, } const emitter = new Emitter(container, [Texture.from('/particle.png')], config) let counter = 0 this.app.ticker.add(delta => { counter += 100 emitter.updateSpawnPos(10, co
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