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  1. Apparently stopPropagation should do the job in a more succinct way. About the third parameter, where did you find the docs? Cause on my intellisense the third parameter is context. Also I tried this solution and it works fine, although I have another issue now. The inner circle will stop the propagation much so, that if now i actually hover on the father, it won't trigger anything. My best guess is that by stopping the propagation the father lost his chance to fire. Do i have to manually call it?
  2. Hello community, I have a Graphics, say a circle, and inside i nest another circle with addChild property. If to both the graphics i add a listener such as "mouseover", how do i prevent the "father" to fire when i'm just hovering the "child" circle? Regards.
  3. Thanks for the reply @ivan.popelyshev. I think i got where the problem is. I was trying to understand how this particles effect works and basically i tried to emit only a particle at a time, if i increment the max particles, it will just work.
  4. Hello, I've been trying to follow what @ivan.popelyshev mentioned without any results. This is how my code looks like. const config = { speed: { start: 1, end: 5000, minimumSpeedMultiplier: 0.1 }, lifetime: { min: 1, max: 1 }, frequency: 0.008, spawnChance: 1, particlesPerWave: 1, emitterLifetime: 1, maxParticles: 1, pos: { x: 0, y: 0 }, } const emitter = new Emitter(container, [Texture.from('/particle.png')], config) let counter = 0 this.app.ticker.add(delta => { counter += 100 emitter.updateSpawnPos(10, counter) emitter.update(0.01) }) But the particle is not moving on the Y axis. What am i doing wrong? Thank you.