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  1. I'm looking for any apps for this
  2. I started out by watching free video tutorials and other open-source materials. Now I would like to find a good book or manual for a more detailed study.
  3. Thank you! I think it's too early for me to think about creating more complex works. I'd rather start with the simplest guide. Therefore, your book suits me, as it is also intended for beginners. I'm currently learning about loops and functions in JS. As a result of the theory, I need to make a one-page food order form. I put the launch of functions on the "submit" and "save" buttons. The function does not work, although there seem to be no errors in the script. Apparently, I missed some point. Therefore, I want to read the information from other sources. And in parallel, I'm pr
  4. I was also looking for a tool that could translate the full description of the application
  5. The main thing is to create a quality product and fill it with interesting content. At the same time, we can really attract users and become in demand in the market, and in this case, the chances of earning will increase significantly. But as in any start-up, first we need to invest time and resources and only then get a return. For the initial investment, I didn't have enough money, so I turned to payday loans in AL and got the amount I needed. And although the conditions were good enough, I started to cover all expenses and start making money on my game only after some time.
  6. Thanks for this source! I studied HTML and CSS on my own, using video tutorials, and mastered it not bad enough. I've heard a lot about the fact that JavaScript is much more complicated and rather difficult for independent study. In any case, I want to try. Can you please tell me if I can use not VS code for work, but Sublime text. It's very convenient for me to work with HTML and CSS styles and I would like to continue working in it, if of course, it's possible. Now I cannot devote enough time to this yet, because I'm very busy in college and prepare my graduation project. The service that I
  7. I first encountered animation in CSS and HTML. It was the most primitive and usual rotation of a square and a triangle and an exposure of half a second. But for more complex and unusual animations, of course, need JS. I want to start learning and practicing, but I don’t have enough free time yet as I'm preparing a term paper for college. And although the service that I found on Writing Judge helps me with this, time is still not enough. But I really hope to finish this soon and move on to learning much more interesting knowledge for me.
  8. Developing a children's book with Pixi it's a really great job! Such technologies are not only cool but also very useful, many similar children's applications and books, starting from the smallest age for development, entertainment, and language learning. I am interested in this topic and recently wrote a work with the help of this service https://uk.edubirdie.com/top-writers and received a lot of insights and useful information and I agree that technology is very important, they make our life not only brighter but also easier. Thank you for your work James
  9. Thank you for sharing!
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