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  1. @ivan.popelyshev thanks for the warm welcome and the detailed answer. I will make sure to dive in a bit deeper on some of the topics you highlighted. To give a bit more context, I was asking the question with the mindset of experimenting on a new project and wanting to make the best bet as to which method was most likely to be the correct one in the long run so that as I progress and build things, the chances of me having to switch over to the other method are as low as possible. I don't know if that makes sense but I'm still pretty new to all of this. For the moment, though, what I get from 👆 is that both ways I have described of moving things around are equally good from a general purpose standpoint. Basically, if we were to take all the likely use cases of PIXI.Graphics, both methods would, on average, perform about the same and I therefore do not have any reasons of favoring one method over the other when experimenting and my use case has not become quite clear yet. Am I understanding your point correctly?
  2. So I've figured there are two main ways to render multiple moving shape objects with PIXI.Graphics. 1) Use only one Graphics instance, clear it on each redraw and simply draw each shape in their new position every tick. 2) Use one Graphics instance per shape object. Draw each one once at the beginning. On each redraw move the graphics instance to their new positions. I'm wondering if I should prefer one method over the other and why?