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  1. hi there. what is gCPM. im using gamedistribution panel. i dont know what is gCPM
  2. my all games played from a lot of user. im really sure. i get 5k view daily. but dashboard says played games: 1 is there a bug?
  3. hi guys. im game publisher. anyone working with gamemonetize.com? i have seen a lot of bad experiences from another companies like gamedist, famobi etc. how is gamemonetize?
  4. hi there. firstly off sorry about my english. i'm still trying to learn it. hope you guys can understand me. i have html5 game website. this website is like mine. oyunskor.com so all games starts with ads on my website. and the ads are not belong to me. the dev added it problaby. (like this https://www.oyunskor.com/oyun/hippo-pizza-chef) so i wanna buy a html5 game from codecanyon. https://codecanyon.net/item/hero-jump-html5-arcade-game/14739331 like this game. is there anyway to add my own google ads from there. what do i need to do for that?
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