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  1. Here ya go... Remember, I can only get it to run local side via Edge, but not FireFox or Chrome. Thx for your time. 1 pixi.rar
  2. Alright, I messed around with the code from the video and what I have now works, but it still does not look good... The code below works, but only on Microsoft Edge, and without the #wrap code. The picture is small, but it takes up the entire background. I am trying to shrink it down to proper size. The 3D effect looks horrible compared to what is seen in the video. Anyways, hope you or someone can help. Below is the code, and I attached all the files as well. Remember, I'm a lamer compared to you guys, so sorry for all the questions. I have put a lot of time into this, so I hope it pays off. Thanks for your time. pixi.min.js test1.html
  3. Thx, I will check out the new feature in PS! I will also have to type out all the code from the video and test it out. Thx for the help.
  4. Thanks for the reply, but I am just a lamer / script kiddie compared to you. This is way over my head. Basically, I found some of your code here: https://www.arpatech.com/blog/3d-parallax-effect-2d-images-depth-map/ If you load the code below into an html file, it works, but it looks horrible compared to FaceBooks 3D script. If you know how to modify the code below or can point me to a script that can duplicate what FaceBook does, please let me know. Thanks for your time. -el
  5. Sup guys: Just trying to make a server side 3D image for my website. I want it to look just as good as the 3D images on FaceBook. I know how to make depth maps properly, I just need the code to add it to my own site. You can see a bad example using Pixi code below. Just scroll down to where it says "demo" near the bottom of the page, and scroll over the picture for the effect. This is what I want, but it has to look good, like the 3D images you see on FaceBook: Demo I know Pixi code can help me, I'm just not that smart to know how to use it. Hope someone can help. Thx. -el