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  1. Good news, everyone! This is the last big patch of the early access phase before the Steam release. There was a lot of work under the hood like Steam achievements and cloud saves, which are in this patch but not yet visible to you until I send out the Steam keys to all owners – which I’m going to do some time next week, so you can test the Steam version before it’s publicly available. But there also is a lot you actually can see already, like the new alternative primary colors which you now unlock by beating the game at Overload 5, 10, 15 and 20: Lately the executioner combo was too strong, which is why I’m following up the Executioner nerf of the last patch with a new mob, the DEFIANT, which is immune to all status effects: I’ve also tuned all boss waves to include additional side mobs which makes boss waves a little harder and more stylish: Aaand I’ve become so annoyed at trying to find the right keyboard shortcuts for my abilities that I’ve separated the shortcuts for buildings and abilities; and while I was at it I also made those shortcuts configurable: That’s not all of course, so here are the full patch notes for this last beta patch: Added Added Chinese (simplified) translation Added Defiant, a mob which is immune to status effects! Added Salvage module, which grants a random upgrade when you skip a reward! Alternate primary colors are now unlocked on beating Overload 5, 10, 15 and 20 Keyboard shortcuts are now customizable and separated between towers and abilities Manual control towers can now be fired with the corresponding keyboard shortcut Changed Bigger mobs now have the same movement speed as the small ones Boss waves are now a little bigger and harder You now get one more tower to choose from at the start of a run The fullscreen mode is now toggled with the F11 key In windowed mode there now is a title bar The game now properly saves the windowed state, size and position The achievement Singularity now only unlocks if you have exactly one tower. Repeater tower now gains attack speed for every kill Repeater Damage upgrade limit 15 🡆 25, damage 10 🡆 7 Repeater Speed upgrade removed Sniper tower now deals more damage the farther away the target is, base damage 150 🡆 75 Sniper Damage upgrade damage 40 🡆 20 Melter Armor Reduction upgrade limit 5 🡆 3, reduction 2 🡆 5 Repeater Speed upgrade removed Keep cool module rarity uncommon 🡆 common Heal ability range 1.25 🡆 1.5 Shield ability range 1.25 🡆 1.5 Disruptor base range 1.5 🡆 1.25, status duration 3s 🡆 1s Disruptor Range range increase 0.2 🡆 0.1, stacks 5 🡆 15 Disruptor Duration upgrade removed Fixed The confirm dialog properly translates “yes” and “no” buttons The achievement Keep ’em coming can now be unlocked Fixed several bugs regarding the rotation interface for the ion cannon Healing in-between waves is now properly added to healing statistic Fixed movement speed calculation for status effects The compendium now shows the correct amount of discoveries
  2. Good news everyone, after four weeks of squeezing in an hour here and there the new patch for Core Defense is finally done! Four weeks are not exactly the patch schedule I’m aiming for, but Corona takes its toll on all of us, so I hope you can excuse the long wait for this new version. Especially because there’s a whole bunch of cool stuff in it. Most of the changes in this patch are more or less based on community feedback and I’m very thankful to have so many inspired and enthusiastic people on the Discord server who hunt bugs and come up with the coolest ideas for this game! The community was wishing for a manual control tower for example: behold the ION CANNON, which reloads very slowly but fires a massive AOE beam when you do finally activate it: The new tower is a strong one, which is why I’ve added a new mob as well that counters it: the SPLITTER splits into two parts upon death: I’ve also tweaked the visuals a bit so the rest of the game can keep up with the hefty new tower: And this is just the tip of the iceberg – I’ve added new features, did some balancing and fixed several bugs, so without further ado, here are the full patch notes for the new version: Added Added Ion Cannon: manually fire this tower’s massive beam weapon! Added Splitter: this minion splits in two upon death! Added fullscreen toggle to the settings Added option to turn off tips to the settings Added list of all tips to the compendium Added error screen on systems without WebGL2 support Added wall layout to highscore cards The last played overload level is now the default when starting a new game You now get a bonus reward in your next run for the first boss you kill You now get a bonus reward in your next run if you win the run Added icons for all achievements Added try again button at the end of the demo Added Spanish translation (thanks to uperesito, KnightMare_XL & Salburual123) Added Italian translation (thanks to MakinDay, mykys, TyKonKet, godhurIA, Nancy, frankieorabona, ricina) Changed Animations for AOE attacks are now slower and have a new particle effect Removed 4x game speed and increased all previous speeds Reduced mob damage and movement speed increase across all overload levels Reordered overload levels, moving some harder modifiers to later levels Waves now only roll ranged mobs 60% of the time Disruptor Duration: duration upgrade 1s 🡆 0.5s Executioner Speed: upgrade limit 10 🡆 5 Hammer: base actions per second 0.25 🡆 0.5, base damage 375 🡆 175 Hammer Damage: upgrade damage 100 🡆 50 Sniper: base actions per second 0.2 🡆 0.3, base damage 200 🡆 150 Sniper Speed: ugprade stacks 10 🡆 5, actions per second 0.03 🡆 0.05 Sniper Damage: damage 65 🡆 40 Healer: base actions per second 0.1s 🡆 0.2s Healer Speed: upgrade stacks 4 🡆 3 Giant Regenerator: regeneration 5% 🡆 3% Autoshields: module stacks 1 🡆 5, shield amount 1% 🡆 2% Nanobots: module stacks 3 🡆 5, heal amount 1% 🡆 2% Refine: module stacks 10 🡆 5, damage bonus 2% 🡆 4% (incorrectly displayed 4% before) Quicken: module stacks 10 🡆 5, heal amount 1% 🡆 3% (incorrectly displayed 2% before) Fixed You can now unlock the achievements Eternal, Excellence, Pacifist, Immortal The game no longer generates empty waves The game now properly scales to full screen on Mac Discovered rewards and mobs are now correctly counted in the compendium Freezer range now upgrades properly Damage numbers are now properly rounded Switching profiles now properly applies settings
  3. Hey fellow HTML5 game devs! I present to you "Core Defense" – a roguelike tower defense game with a dash of deckbuilding. Survive fifty waves without losing your core. Choose a reward, update your build, survive the next wave, repeat. Highly replayable through permadeath, randomization and challenging difficulty levels. Just one more wave, just one more run! Built with Vue.js, Pixi.js and Electron, currently available on, coming to Steam and iOS and Android later this year. Steam: If you have questions, I'm happy to help, shoot and I'll try to answer!