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  1. I'll try to to reduce the number of lines, I never quite captured the idea of the chrome debugger. but before I do, your suggestion gave me an idea, I might try to examine the stage property.
  2. yes it's visable on the screen, and I am sure it's not the grandchild becuase I was able to remove it using the chrome console.
  3. I expected the visual propety to be deleted, removed from the stage. the cube object exist on the board and when I normally use this command it works fine. later in the code I discard the object and I let the garbage collector "do it's thing": user_cubes[i].pop(); user_cubes[i].pop(); and thanks for the nice greeting into the forums, I am glad to have a place to consult about my PIXI development problems
  4. the line: if(user_cubes[i][0]!==undefined){ console.log("remove_cubes -> user_cubes[i][0] !== undefined"); console.log(user_cubes[i][0]); app.stage.removeChild(user_cubes[i][0]); } prints: remove_cubes -> user_cubes[0] !== undefined and the next object: e {_events: n, _eventsCount: 0, tempDisplayObjectParent: null, transform: e, alpha: 1, …} which is seems tobe a pixi object, and when written in console the object is deleted. i don't expect to get a solution, considering this is just a sample from the long code, but if one of you has an idea what the problem can be it could help a lot.