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  1. I am making a 2d shooter game and i am trying to add a collider between the bullets and the enemy so that the bullet doesn't go straight through the enemy but i am getting an error I am new to phaser btw here is the code for my projectile class. The class is instantiated whenever the player clicks class Projectile { constructor(scene, x, y) { this.scene = scene; = this.x = x; this.y = y; this.projectile_sprite = scene.physics.add.sprite(x, y, 'bullet') this.projectile_sprite.setScale(0.02); let yCur =; let xCur =; let rad = Phaser.Math.Angle.Between(this.x,this.y,xCur,yCur); this.scene.physics.moveTo(this.projectile_sprite,xCur,yCur,1000) function bulletCollide(projectile){ projectile.destroy(); } this.physics.add.collider(player.player_sprite,this.projectile_sprite,bulletCollide(this.projectile_sprite)); } }